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Game Miller, Villa Four mystery-Game play flash game online freeMiller, Villa Four mystery play Game Miller, Villa Four mystery,Miller, Villa Four mystery

Game Miller, Villa Four mystery-Game

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. Investigation unfathomable wells, Europe and Africa to the bottom what Maria sensing objects. Returned to the cliff edge, see bottom of the cliff with a cave, along the winding stone steps down into the cave in the cliff beside the water picked up a three-charge. Continues to go forward underground tunnel entrance, together with the earth to the hands of one of the wall prop, where three of the four vertical charge is inserted in the four holes, two four-charge into the two holes in the middle, the other connecting pipe to do after setting up the ladder quickly climb. Just come down into the cellar Preiss exam, he recalls when the road themselves: from the barrels out of the room to the other, first to the left, made pistol from inside the chest, then to the right, where the use of horns gunpowder filling pistol, returned, pistol, aiming jar in front of the gate on the right side, it would be crushed, get inside the "underground tunnel map." Survey the room to the right of a mechanical device, turn it rises gate, then stuck a pistol chain, so that means stable, out of the gate on the Europe-Africa met Maria. Europe and Africa suddenly sensed Dr. Maria Maikedemo trapped in an underground tunnel somewhere, they immediately went to the rescue. There are monsters guarded underground tunnels must escape it, the safest method is to go: front, front, front, front right, front right, front left, front, left, front, front, front, left, front, right, front left, front right, front. Dr. Maikedemo finally found, along with the elevator fell from the sky, he was the fragmentation of wood stuck in the middle, but fortunately unharmed, I really thank God for that. Down a piece of wood removed from the rescued Dr. Maikedemo, the trio entered the tunnel, came bottom. Here is where the convergence of energy and all energy are brought together to "Old Stars" totem in the center of the Blackstone. Now backpack should have two torn pieces of paper, Zhang left to Priestley examination, the right picture for Europe and Africa Maria, paper is a synthesis can be no strange above, the synthetic paper into the light Next, the paper showing red text: With the "guard" sacrifice, "Stonehenge" will open its final truth, maybe mentioned here, "guard" is active in the underground tunnels of the monster. Then the "Seth" books to Dr. Maikedemo Dr. opened the book code, which records the discovery of a method to destroy the monster: a girl has the ability to predict a heart behaved men, girls have been killed by the hand " wizard "sacred dagger, while men holding" Kayla Gauss' statue, the power of God in the hands of the girl injected dagger, finally, use a dagger stabbed three times in the heart of the devil servant, the order will be eliminated. Follow the instructions in the book, the dagger to the European non-Maria, the statue to Priestley test, the power is injected into the stone dagger, the final battle began. Monster in a circular path of movement, to grasp the opportunity, when it will be moved to the bottom of the circle when the knife to it, hit it Mito, it hung up. The Blackstone energy spouting air show "boss" image, he laughed and said: Everything is according to plan with the European non-Maria, Maikedemo and Preiss test just a pawn in the use of his hands. It seems that the trouble is far from over. Clearance.