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Game Pat Miller Hill Mystery Stones-Game play flash game online freePat Miller Hill Mystery Stones play Game Pat Miller Hill Mystery Stones,Pat Miller Hill Mystery Stones

Game Pat Miller Hill Mystery Stones-Game

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This clearance is the hardest game in the first place, but also the story up to now the most critical hurdle. After the first survey box car, removed from five copies of "devil's body" and a shovel, a rope, and then pick up a pink stone on the ground near the car. First left to go, action is the European non-Maria and Beno Nice, after reaching a Dan Zhulin Li scene investigation left to right, the second and fourth pillars, there were hallucinations demon attack, thus, the use of "Devil's paw" on the second draw scratches lateral pillars, pillars in the fourth draw vertical scratches. Then go right to the center of Stonehenge, showing different characters and patterns on a circle of pillars, which carved a circular pattern and square pattern of the two pillars cracked down on the ground, and the missing part. These patterns are the key to unlock the mystery behind the thinking is quite simple, just remember five different patterns and their associated first number, this number is the sequence of operation pattern. Back to the car and this right away, before coming to a stone, the use of night vision goggles, found the stone refractive Dr. Maikedemo recommend it to put up, right, use a shovel to dig a hole in the left side of the monument and then use the rope hooked stone back to the car and investigate the car tank, the other end of the rope in the car, start the car pulled up to the monument erected. Beside the monument back to observe the shadow left and found the middle of a round hole, using a pink stone on stone, draw a large circle, opened the magic stone, there is a road leading to the unknown. To enter, to the mysterious altar round here around five jars, and each jar is marked with the central pattern appears Stonehenge center, which must be linked. First, put on night vision goggles, made two sparkling stone, but it was the center of Stonehenge that two missing, then investigate feet "Readme", placed above gives the "Devil body" of the order, is "wings - - Heart - Foot - Hand - eye ", combined with graphical sequence just learned from the center of Stonehenge, the next operation is simple: 1 Wings - Square; 2 Heart - Y-shaped; 3. . feet - triangles; 4 hands - round; 5 Eyes - trident, after placement is completed, return the car side. The next step is to enter the most exciting part of the story, along with four people left to reach the center of Stonehenge, the combination of the two, respectively, to the fallen rubble stone pillars, ancient demons finally coming out. Observation devil, and found it still dormant, now is the use of amulets to destroy it a good time, but unexpected things happen, Beno Nice pistol suddenly removed three people, and a living will amulet for himself, revealing her true colors sinister. She had been the one who saw his writing, but not its people Alicia, her ultimate goal is to control the use of amulets, "the devil" to achieve her ambition to rule the world, and now Europe and Africa Maria, Maikedemo, Place the test three, and after a lot of hard work to get the amulet to summon the "devil", perfectly achieved the expected results Beno Nice, think carefully, she has been acting as a trio survey expedition guide, She really is a full cunning schemer. At the moment, Beno Nice maybe do not need to have any concerns, she chanted the spell, waking grim "devil", but she never let unexpected "accident" happened, in the wake of the "devil" quickly Beno Nice draw energy, so she turned into a pile of sewage, and perhaps this is the "devil" a unique way to repay it (which reminds me of "Legend" in the town of Shushan tower monster demon leader, said that the use cannibalism to repay its benefactor). "Devil" complete rebirth, it does not mean anything, why did it face a European non-Maria they do, quickly picked up the amulet from next Beno Nice body, it has to deal with three steps, the first mad Point it right arm (note the right arm, not his right hand), after tied, then it's left arm mad points after two hands are tied, points its neck, he reined get. "Devil" broke in pieces the enormous energy, the world will be on this peace? No! "Boss" and to please not again, if Beno Nice is distinguished conspirators, then he is the king of the conspirators, he is the use of the play in the use of the upper back as in the Miller Hill, very proud of him, and he thanked the EU for its non-Maria, who eliminated the "devil", because the only way he can have an inexhaustible supply of energy Stonehenge, whereby he can dominate the whole fantasy universe, see to the story is far from over, the real battle with the evil still to come, let us look forward to it. Clearance.