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Game Legend of Martial Arts of the edge with Forge-Game play flash game online free Legend of Martial Arts of the edge with Forge play Game Legend of Martial Arts of the edge with Forge, Legend of Martial Arts of the edge with Forge

Game Legend of Martial Arts of the edge with Forge-Game

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. Called Guo Furong Huangmaoyatou entering the arena , owed ​​money, trapped in a " capable men " with the blessing of the inn . The story starts here , in turn leads to Tong Xiangyu , Baizhan Tang , Annette was , Lida Zui , Mo Beckham , and Xing Butou , Yan Six , money dispensers , leads to a series of lively banter , fascinating story . Game TV adaptation of the same name . " With the blessing Inn" after the launch by the majority of fans love martial arts , but also reflects the players found a lot of BUG, specially after collecting views out of this , " Fauci same fate" , hope you like ! The amended version of the game in general more difficult than the previous version is higher, you can take a look at the new Raiders game players , Quick Start Guide to using the mouse button clicks
methods of operation : 1 , Taobao can be mined to: +500 Ruyi money , "Historical Records" scholar scholarship +10 vigorously King refers Cheats old white attack +10 , two bottles of money to spend big dragon +5000 , +3000 money long letter lanterns , snow Yan jade vase money +2000 , fun idol David Beckham innocence +10,
preface money +10000 , deeply grieved palm Cheats Guo attack +20 , Riverside money +15000 ( highest ) , flower pattern bowl money Guanyao +1000 , amnesty old white courage +10, soft hedgehog armor defense +1 , Paoding choppers mouth culinary +20
Congratulations you get mysterious objects - the days of snow Yan Qihua game artwork ! You can be 80 days , and his redemption ! ( I'm from 150,000 to 160,000 , how more Amoy more Yeah, I'll spend money !)
2, when the upper-right corner to write fierce when leveling opponents vitality will be high , attack power is also high.
3, harmony is very important, otherwise the light Guo and old enough to lose Bust .
4, Western Liang River fish to catch if Beckham is white , then the charm +4.
5, vitality over 800 old white stole finished, he hit me , the vitality plus 88 , I do not know why.
6, when a good feel intimate , and then dating, false courage and goodwill will become +15 .
7, the old white and Guo fight, because harmony is not enough, you can take advantage of unparalleled skill plus harmony , the harmony of not less than 60 will not fight.
8,52 days when , on the roof, after he discovered that also go up ! charm and they can get +20 , +20 confident , perfect +3 ( multi get perfect ) .
9, burn incense and seemingly useless , because out of character attributes can be changed repeatedly Luck .
10, point " walk around " appears six options : eighteen in the shop , lobby, backyard , kitchen, scholar room inn door
11, point " eighteen shop" after not business , but can occasionally over and over again , good luck will run into old criminal or金湘玉, bad luck, +5 points also popular shopping ( but the popularity of the book allows the scholar to increase , so do not be too frequent to eighteen in the shop . point " lobby " , " backyard ", " kitchen" , "scholar room " and " inn door " sometimes run into a special event, so every day to go to five places around town . " inn door " generally appear a millet If you think you have enough conditions to meet the challenge , on the point of "martial arts quote," there will be options and descriptions (I'll add some description ).
12, point " open for business " , below progress bar will appear , we must wait for it to turn orange to closing , or only half of the money earned . have a customer after the closing , click he can buy things .
13, point " worship " can worship the God of Wealth or Valkyrie , a Man ​​of God once 200 after Mammon , Xiangyu will speak, and then right click, point play , you can increase the property of 8888 , revenue increased by 888 days after the worship Valkyrie , Xiangyu will speak, and then right click, point play will Kuo attack +15 , +30 old white attack , defense, +4, +50 repair , repair personally recommend not to buy, to spend 200 text , you can increase the number of attributes .
14 , each had finished grade life will reward +3 , +5 repair , technical +10, +50 money , a martial arts spectrum, very rich, it is recommended that a lot more people are leveling time , improve various properties , as BOSS winning foundation . had a lot of martial arts spectrum , the place to go millet fight bullies . skills basically the same Article 1.
15, when eighteen shop shopping, if you are lucky , you will encounter Jin Xiangyu she will send you the text of wishful 500 , you get 500 points to receive a text .
16, 5500 fair value of life Sun Yunlong , ATK 200 ( uncertain ) , can learn life skills force . ideally Guo attack reaches 500 or more, one can get rid of his vows of 1,000 points , which he sucked back into the 200 , but also solve the problem within six or seven rounds , the treasurer of the value of life can Jiazhu which several attacks on the line , but must Note that adequate technical force , do not be sucked light , otherwise scholar get out, this battle is not very good playing
17, Allure installed four sets ( only evens in the " " martial arts master "in ):.
32 days to the backyard , because there are wells installed Allure sets went there after closing
52天go and the old white dating .
65天let Beckham go Xiliang River. < br /> 70 to heaven to see金湘玉Shop eighteen years .
22,80 days , " the days of snow Yan " game Qihua artwork ! 80 days and you can exchange reward him !
23, If you encounter scholar them dating , then there are two options : "Do not rush with the hungry " ( you can with exhibition hall dating ) , " you go " ( scholar and Guo feelings +5 , scholar and Guo your impression +5 ) . then to choose the latter , because this is the best way to increase scholar and Guo feelings and goodwill , otherwise we should spend money to add . point " rest" on the next day .
24 , the first 20 days , go to the inn door encounters three mysterious person . then go shop , the occurrence of the story .
25,22 day scholar room has the story .
26,30 day kitchen has the story .
27,35 days after the hospital has the story after story
28,40 -day business have people selling chickens
29,50 days , occurred plot ; .. go to the lobby drama occurred
. 30,55 -day story lobby happen .
31,65 days after Beckham went Xiliang River , to lobby drama occurred .
32, Beckham often engage in evil , what Maubert this award , Mobile that award ( in the late 68 days to 74 days ).
33,78,88 morning has the story .
34,84 morning a big story .
35,88 days to the inn door prizes ( Popularity higher than 2070)
36,95 morning there is the story
big secret : If you attack Guo is 6000 or over 5000 , you can easily defeat the enemy !